Hand Pieces and Burrs

You will find in this section all of the Dearson manufactured hand pieces that run with our 8000 and 8000XT systems. Our hand pieces can also be manufactured to fit any system currently on the market eliminating the need for adaptors and attachments.

Designed and manufactured out of Stainless Steel you do not need to worry about corrosion or accidental bumps and scrapes due to the tough nature of the steel and the design of the head.

Servicing and repairs are also easy. Just detach the heads on the Multi-Head hand pieces to save cost and time when sending them in for repairs. All our repairs are done by Dearson and carry a 6 month warranty as if they were new giving you piece of mind every time that you are using equipment that is robust and desinged to do the job.

Our hand pieces come in a wide range of lengths and designs to give you the perfect range of hand pieces to do every aspect of the horses mouth. With the Multi-Head design you can create almost any hand piece for any situation.