I am an equine-exclusive practitioner & have been in practice for 15 years. Before we purchased your system, I will admit that I avoided equine dental work if at all possible. Now, I recommend routine dental floatings to all of my clients. The system is easy to use, very lightweight, & holds the battery charge well. I can easily treat multiple horses per day on one recharge We love the system, & it's changed my feelings about doing dentistry.

Delmarva Equine Clinic

Delmarva Equine ClinicDelmarva Equine Clinic

The Dearson disposable blades are without doubt one of the best I have used. They are light and slim and leave a smooth finish, long lasting and reliable.

Shane Kitching

Shane KitchingMember of WWAED UK

You can achieve a first class job and finish with minimal effort. You can hit every tooth with the uni disk

Sophie Knight

Sophie KnightEquine Dental Technician - Member of BAEDT

The Dearson is great for me. I definitely think it’s the way for the future.

Ronnie Sigler

Ronnie SiglerEquine Dental Technician

The Dearson system for me is a vital piece of kit. I use it on sedated horses and horses without sedation. (Basic to advanced work.) Since using it I have expanded my business. Setting up and packing up times are reduced. I have also noticed equipment lasts longer before servicing and my guess is due to the slower speed motor. It's so good, I will buy a 2nd as a spare !

Graeme Martin- IAED Certified Member

Graeme Martin- IAED Certified MemberEquine Dental Services