Bespoke Design Service

If you have an idea or need a tool or product modifying to a special design why not get in touch and tell us.

Dearson are able to design products to your exact specifications if needed. Our engineering and specialist tooling division Dearson have over 40 years of experience working with some of the UK's leading manufacturing companies designing unique tooling solutions. With our in house design and manufacture capabilities we can design and produce your ideal tool or product for your daily work. Whether you need a hand piece or float handle modifying, or require a custom made item designed to your exact specification, which may be either weight or length, we can deliver. 

Whilst we offer the standard 8000 LI & NIMH base systems for retail these can be modified and tailored to your exact needs should you require it*. 

Contact us today to request a quote or give us a call on +44 121 773 4100

*Our bespoke design service is not a free service and will incur a charge where applicable