Dearson Veterinary Products manufacture, stock and distribute a wide range of veterinary products primarily from our UK-based headquarters but we also have a number of key associates, re-sellers and distributors around the world who both use and fully understand our products to enable them to provide technical advice, demonstrations and occasionally hold stock.

We have associates in the following countries who are able to demonstrate and discuss the features of our products:

United Kingdom United States  Germany Sweden Denmark Italy South Africa  Chile

We also have distribution partners in the following countries or regions

United Kingdom

Instrumentation Concept Ltd 

Tel:+44(0) 116 429 6521

Selling the 8000XTmotorised dental system and full range of motorised hand tools

United States

EC Veterinary Products Inc

Selling the 8000XTmotorised dental system and the full range Dearson products

South Africa

J-Tec Equine And Tooling

Tel: 0829225377
Tel: +27829225377 International

Selling the 8000XTmotorised dental system and full range of hand tools

Interested in becoming a distributor?

Dearson Veterinary Supplies are always looking to expand our network and cover more areas with highly skilled and accredited professionals. We currently have associates in the following countries but are always looking for new people to join or team and help build awareness and support our customers around the world. If you would be interested in joining our team please fil out the form below and we would be happy to discuss working together with you.

United Kingdom United States Belgium France Germany Sweden Denmark Italy Spain South Africa Morocco  Chile

For all enquiries, please complete the disitributor enquiry form below and our most appropriate associate will be in touch with your shortly.

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