Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully:

  1. Like for Like trading on new Hand Pieces when you trade in your old ones.
    Trade in your old hand pieces and get up to 30% off a new 20 "Uni Disc, 20" AppleCore, 12" AppleCore or Palmy Style Hand Pieces.
    Our like for like offer does not mean you will receive an new exact version of the traded in hand piece this offer is for new Dearson hand pieces only

  2. All components must be in an assembled format whether it is functioning or not functioning.

    Hand pieces must be in a complete assembled format. This does not mean they have to be fully functional but they have to contain all the appropriate components inside.
  3. Hand Pieces will be analyzed and reviewed to ensure it is acceptable for the offer.

    We reserve the right under this offer to receive and review hand pieces offered as part exchange to evaluate whether they qualify for the discounts stated.
  4. All makes and models that are specifically designed for Equine Dentistry are accepted. (Foredom Hand Pieces are excluded)
  5. No cash payments are accepted unless the payment has been invoiced.

For further enquiries and if you would like to trade in your old hand pieces, please contact us at either of the following below. 

Call us: (0)121 773 4100

Email: enquiries@dearsonltd.com

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